North Pass

LN Small Town
Qualities: Insular, Strategic Location
Population: 5661 (510 humans, 15 half-elfs, 13 dwarves, 12 elves, 10 halflings, 6 half-orcs)
Government: Overlord (Captain of the Realm Guard contingent, chosen by the Crown)

The steep walls of the Shadowfell mountains form a natural barrier between the fertile farmland of the Empire of the Shining Ray to the south and the wild untamed regions named The Titan’s Reach to the north. There is only one pass through the mountain; in the foothills on the far side lies the town of North Pass.

This town was founded approximately fifty years ago, after the last incursion was driven back through the pass. Established as an outpost to send warning in the event of another attack, it has now become the first line of defense. Within the town limits are four large steel domes — the War Repositories. Each holds 50 squads of Warforged Realm Guard soldiers who wait patiently for the day they will be called upon to defend the town, and the Empire, against the assault of chaos. Another 50 squads are stationed in Fort Firstfall in the middle of town. Gar Odyssey, the Captain of the Realm Guard and the defacto leader of North Pass, has another thirty human guards living with him at the Fort. Gar sends four to five squads of Warforged out from the fort to patrol three times a day; once a month he rotates the squads between the Repositories. Not only does this give the Warforged a chance to “stretch their legs”, it gives all of them a chance to at least see the surrounding terrain and to become familiar with the area. At the very least, it should give them something to do while they wait away the long hours standing within the Repository walls.

Map of the Surrounding Area
Map of the surrounding area

Gar has named the most visible features in the surrounding area. The hills to either side of town are known as the East Hills and the West Hills, respective to direction. The river running through town is the North Pass River, and the plains to the north are the Odyssey Plains. (Gar is not the most creative namer.) Patrols generally do not wander any further than 10 to 15 miles from town, as represented in the clear area in the picture. The fuzzier area are regions explored by the towns hunters and trappers, or that can be easily seen by the guards and soldiers as they patrol.

Notable Locations and NPCs

Current Overlord: Gar Odyssey
Mithril Shield — a Blacksmith owned by Bret Ignelzi
Edeus’s Cure-all — a Potion Shop owned by Orm Edeus
Noble Scroll — a Scroll Shop owned by Yvette Isabella
Sublime Jewel — a Jewelery Store owned by Berethani Terwen
Farmer’s Store — a General Store owned by Andrella Galvati
Blissful Mead — a Tavern owned by Elizar Ottobre

Gold Piece Limit: 1,000 gp (75% chance per in-game month of easy purchase below this amount)
Purchase Limit: 5,000 gp (Maximum paid to PCs for any single item)

1 This number does not include the 1,250 Warforged Realm Guard also stationed in the town.

North Pass

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