Keeper of the Law
Symbol: An open hand, the palm of which contains a closed fist
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Order and Community
Domains: Home, Law, Tactics
Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Work In Progress: Flavor text

The Law


Divine Flaws

  • This Is the Way It Works (Geas): The Law infuses every part of Ursera’s life, providing guidance on things as diverse as the appropriate prayers to say at various points to the method one should use to dress. Knowing that such rituals provide structure and stability, Ursera requires his Chosen to be similarly immutable.
    • DO: plan your day and establish a routine
    • DO NOT: break your word or renege on your promises
  • A Creature of Habit (Penalty): Ursera thrives on the secure foundation that The Law embodies. However, it means that his behavior tends to be fairly predictable. Because of this, a Chosen of Ursera suffers a penalty to her Bluff checks and Disguise checks equal to half her effective level (minimum 1).
  • Stick to the Plan! (Responsive Effect): Ursera’s legendary focus sometimes acts to his (and his Chosen’s) detriment. If a Chosen of Ursera agrees to a plan that later changes due to circumstances, the Chosen will not be able to adapt, and will continue with the original plan. To adapt, she must make a Wisdom check versus DC15 + half her effective level. (Add +5 to this DC if she considered the plan to be one with a high chance of success and a cumulative +5 if the plan had contingency plans built into it.) If the Chosen cannot adapt, she will continue with her part of the original plan. This will continue until the original plan ends, or (with a successful Wisdom check) when following the plan would lead to an action that is impossible, or no longer makes sense.



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