The Whispering Wind, The Keeper of Secrets
Lesser Deity
Symbol: A cloud hugging a rolling wheel
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Spring, Creativity, and Mischief
Domains: Wind, Deception, Chaos

Work In Progress: Flavor text

Divine Flaws

  • Schadenfreude (Geas): As a free and creative mind Tal rarely shares his creative success with others; in his view its better to stand alone successful than to let someone else steal the fruits of your creative efforts. Thus he requires his Chosen to keep their own success for themselves as well.
    • DO: take time to point out the consequences of other people’s failures
    • DO NOT: subjugate your efforts to those of others (ie, use the Aid Another action)
  • The Sideways Glance (Penalty): Tal’s eyes often wander as he works, watching for others who might be seeking to take what is his. This attention to the behavior of those around him detracts from his attentiveness to his surroundings. One of Tal’s Chosen suffer a penalty to all Heal checks and Perception checks equal to half her effective level (minimum 1).
  • Green Eyed Monster (Responsive Effect): Tal absolutely positively hates being upstaged. Because of this, when the success of a Chosen of Tal is overshadowed by the success of someone else, she will carry a grudge against the person that overshadowed her. To avoid harboring the grudge, she must make a Wisdom check versus DC15 + half her effective level. (Add +10 to this DC if the Chosen was upstaged in an area that she considers her own specialty.) Once the Chosen harbors a grudge against someone, she will, at some point in the future, secretly act to ruin or undermine that person’s future success. The circumstances may vary, but the action will generally reflect the degree to which the Chosen has been cumulatively upstaged by that person. The grudge is erased once the person has suffered a humiliating failure, or (with a Wisdom check) once 24 hours has passed. (The Chosen may repeat this check after every 24 hours of time passes.)



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