Core Rules

Titan’s Reach will be using the Pathfinder Ruleset published by Paizo. You can use the Pathfinder SRD; however, I highly encourage you to buy the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. It’s a great reference, a terrific bargain, and it supports the production of further products for an awesome game.

House Rules

Here are house rules that expand upon the core rules above.

Arcane Magic May Not Behave
Divine Flaws
Spell Effect vs Spell Effect
Spells and Alignment
Miscellaneous Rulings

“Style of Play” Rules

As a West Marches style game, there are some differences how play proceeds as compared to a more “run of the mill” D&D game.

  • There is no regular play time.
  • There is no regular group.
  • There is no plot.

Instead, the players decide themselves when they want to adventure, where they want to go, who all is going along, and when they want to play. There are only two hard limits to this process: I have to be available to run on that date, and I must be given sufficient notice to prepare (at least a week). Note that I reserve the right to veto any plan that (from what I know) will be boring or not worthy of a game session.

Towards that end, everything that happens inside the town of North Pass will take place either by email or here on the wiki. Actual gaming sessions will start and end1 just outside of town. If you want to research something in town, let me know what you want to know and how you plan on going about finding out. I’ll respond with the results of your work privately2. This website will act as the vast repository of what information and items makes it to town. In addition, this is our game log — our record of what happened when and how. If it’s not up here, then nobody knows it or has it.

I (GM) will only be using the site as a repository for stuff I need to know. While some of it may be publicly available for your use as well, much of it will be marked as GM only. Towards that end, I highly encourage each of you to see this wiki and its upkeep as something that will help you as you explore the Titan’s Reach. Besides, there are rewards for doing so.

In order to play, you must post a character sheet using the “Pathfinder RPG Universal Sheet”. Once I have approved the sheet your character will receive Ready to Rumble, indicating that he or she is ready to play. Other achievements are available for further development and enhancement of the wiki; each one confers some small (or not-so-small) benefit either to your character or to you as a player.

1 If your characters have not made it back to town by the time our session ends, bad things might happen.
2 Hint: You may want to write up a short story about your interaction on the wiki, detailing what you’ve learned. You’re not only allowed to take liberties with North Pass and its inhabitants, you’re encouraged to! Just… please don’t kill them off, ok?


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