Lady of the Earth, The Gold Maiden
Lesser Deity
Symbol: A gold coin embossed with a sheaf of wheat
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Autumn, Wealth, and Protection
Domains: Growth, Metal, Wards
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Work In Progress: Flavor text

Divine Flaws

  • If Nobody Else Wants It (Geas): Plontren’s wealth comes from that which was horded; she can be generous with what she has precisely because she has been frugal with what she’s earned. Likewise, she requires her Chosen to save for emergencies and to see the potential use in every thing they find.
    • DO: save half your wealth for future emergencies
    • DO NOT: leave behind anything of potential value (equal to or greater than 1 gp or of special significance)
  • Value Driven (Penalty): Plontren is loathe to use that which is irreplaceable; valuable only counts for that which has not been spent. This focus on worth often alienates those dealing with her. Because of this, a Chosen of Plontren suffers a penalty to Diplomacy checks and to Use Magic Device checks equal to half his effective level (minimum 1).
  • No Swiping! Oh Man! (Responsive Effect): Plontren takes careful stock of her resources, and is always aware of what can be spent and what is available. After a Chosen of Plontren uses consumable or depletable items (including money), or after he has discovered that he has lost something (including money), he must take inventory. To avoid taking inventory, he must make a Wisdom check versus DC15 + half his effective level. (Add +5 to this DC if the object(s) were stolen and a cumulative +5 if the objects were magical or particularly important or valuable.) Taking inventory involves completely emptying every single container that holds at least one object that the Chosen owns, including items in party treasure. Once empty, the Chosen takes stock of all supplies, then redistributes and repacks everything. This process usually takes ten minutes per container, although particularly large or complex containers might take longer. The inventory is finished once the repacking process is complete. The Chosen may also stop in the middle; however, he will not leave without completing the inventory without a successful Wisdom check at +2 difficulty per item left behind.



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