Lady of Rest, The Delightful Chain, Shelter’s Companion
Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A large leftward facing crescent holding a smaller rightward facing crescent
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Moon, Renewal, and Attachment
Domains: Charm, Moon, Restoration
Favored Weapon: Sickle

Work In Progress: Flavor text

Divine Flaws

  • My Precious (Geas): For Maren rest comes through connection. Because of this, Maren requires her Chosen to remain connected to those who are most important to them.
    • DO: keep mementos of special people with you always
    • DO NOT:¬†go off by yourself or end up alone
  • Affable (Penalty): Marin’s emphasis on connection makes her hesitant to triumph over those that sustain her; because of this a Chosen of Marin suffers a penalty equal to half his effective level (minimum 1) on all opposed skill and attribute checks.
  • I Need to Feel Better (Responsive Effect): Rejection is especially hurtful to Maren and her Chosen; even a simple denial can lead to a spiral of self doubt. To contain such feelings, Maren has learned to release them through healing activity. Like Maren, each of her Chosen have preferred activity in which he will engage when his attempts at connection are rebuffed. If one of Maren’s Chosen is rejected by another person, he will retreat into his preferred activity. He may avoid this withdrawal by making a Wisdom check versus DC15 + half his effective level. (Add +5 to this DC if the individual was someone significant to the Chosen, such as a mentor or family member, and a cumulative +5 if the rejection was in front of others the Chosen cares about.) Once engaged he will pursue that activity to the exclusion of everything else that may be happening. He will finish with the activity after an hour has passed, or (with a successful Wisdom check) after receiving authentic validation from the rejecting individual.



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