Lord of Motion, The Fair-Weather Friend
Lesser Deity
Symbol: A sailboat speeding over open water
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Winter, Travel, and Indulgence
Domains: Liberation, Exploration, Water
Favored Weapon: Scimitar

Work In Progress: Flavor text

Divine Flaws

  • You Can’t Take It With You(Geas): Iriolte adores new experiences, new places, new sights, sounds, and tastes; therefore he instructs his Chosen to be similarly open to such experiences and to avoid that which would restrict their ability to explore.
    • DO: spend all of your liquid wealth (cash and/or gems) while in civilized areas
    • DO NOT: own more than you can carry
  • Don’t Knock It ‘Til You’ve Tried It (Penalty): Iriolte always opens himself up to anything he has never before experienced. Because of this, a Chosen of Iriolte suffers a penalty equal to half her effective level (minimum 1) to any saving throw made against a type or descriptor she has never before experienced (ie, failed a save against). Examples of types/descriptors are mind-affecting, poison, disease, figment, etc.
  • There’s Always Time For… (Responsive Effect): Iriolte always opens himself up to anything he has never before experienced. If a Chosen of Iriolte is presented with or offered a novel experience or situation, she will partake of it. To avoid this, she must make a Wisdom check versus DC15 + half her effective level. (Add +5 to this DC if the situation is one the Chosen has never experienced before and a cumulative +5 if the experience promises to be pleasurable.) Examples of such experiences or situations include presentation with unusual food, unusual drink, a big red button on a mysterious device, a mysterious magical item of unknown ability, etc.) The Chosen will fully participate and experience the situation until it is complete, or (with a successful Wisdom check) if the situation becomes painful, damaging, or threatens potential death.



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