Divine Flaws

As one of the Chosen, you have earned the trust of a god. As one who has been called to act as a emissary, teacher, and champion of a deity, you have gained the ability to channel a small fraction of your deity‘s immense power. However, such power is always imprinted with the deity’s personality; because of that, some portion of the deity’s personality will be imprinted upon you, as well.

To reflect this influence, any character whose power comes directly from worship of a deity must choose one or more divine flaws that are associated with that deity. Paladins are required to take one divine flaw; clerics are required to take two. Any other character that obtains access to one of a given diety’s domains must also take a single divine flaw.

There are three types of divine flaws:

  1. Geas: A geas represents a pair of behavior instructions (one requirement, one prohibition) that the Chosen adopts as part of divine instruction. Violation of a geas or failure to obey the instructions result in the loss of divine spells and powers for 24 hours.
  2. Penalty: A penalty represents limitations in the Chosen‘s behavior based upon the influence of the deity’s personality. It is a negative modifier to a deity specific set skills or abilities; however, the magnitude of the modifier is always equal to half of the character’s class level (or half of the effective level of the abilities gained). This modifier is always in effect.
  3. Responsive Effect: A responsive effect is an overstated reaction the Chosen has in response to a given set of stimuli. The Chosen can avoid this reaction with a successful Wisdom check versus the DC15 + half the character’s effective level, modified by the circumstances. Failure to roleplay this effect on failed saves will result in loss of divine spells and powers for 24 hours.

Divine flaws are not meant as punishment for accepting divine power; instead, consider them an invitation to explore and to roleplay.

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Divine Flaws

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