The Lady of Glory, The Supreme
Lesser Deity
Symbol: A lion made of flame
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Summer, Honor, and Social Success
Domains: Fire, Honor, Leadership
Favored Weapon: Longspear

Work In Progress: Flavor text

Divine Flaws

  • It is Better to Look Good Than to Feel Good (Geas): Cétharé values not only success but the appearance of success, and so requires her Chosen to take the rewards that they are due, regardless of whether they’ve been earned or not.
    • DO: present yourself as a person of importance and wealth (because you are)
    • DO NOT: settle for anything less than the best accommodations and equipment
  • Damn Right It’s Better Than Yours! (Penalty): Cétharé’s focus is always on her own ability and action. Sense Motive checks and Stealth checks made by a Chosen of Cétharé suffer a penalty equal to half of his effective level (minimum 1).
  • …And a Bag of Chips! (Responsive Effect): It is difficult for a Chosen of Cétharé to contain the sheer awesomeness that is the Lady of Glory. Whenever he defeats a foe or scores extraordinary success against another, the Chosen of Cétharé will brag incessantly. To avoid this he must make a Wisdom check versus DC15 + half his effective level. (Add +5 to this check if the Chosen triumphed without help and a cumulative +5 if the success was especially meaningful.) While bragging the Chosen will continuously taunt, posture, and talk smack to the defeated foe, his allies, the Chosen’s allies, and pretty much anyone else, regardless of whether they are listening or not. The Chosen will stop bragging once he fails a significant check or save, or (with a successful Wisdom check) after ten minutes has passed. (The Chosen may repeat this check after every 10 minutes of bragging.)



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