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  • Spells and Alignment

    Spells that detect or affect alignments will treat most people as neutral; to naturally register to one of these spells you have to have a long term commitment supported by consistent and extreme behavior. (For example, an assassin with a long and …

  • Spell Effect vs Spell Effect

    _Sometimes one spell interacts with another, and the rules are either vague about what happens, or the effect is black and white -- the spell works or it doesn't. So, unless a given spell has specific rules governing its interaction with other spells that …

  • Divine Flaws

    _As one of the [[Chosen]], you have earned the trust of a [[Deities|god]]. As one who has been called to act as a emissary, teacher, and champion of a [[Deities|deity]], you have gained the ability to channel a small fraction of your [[Deities|deity]]'s …

  • Deities


    * [[Soripen]], deity of inevitability, fate, and time


    * [[Dasmet]]1, god of the Sun, justice, and action * [[Maren]], goddess of the Moon, renewal, and attachment


  • Tal

    _(tahl)_ The Whispering Wind, The Keeper of Secrets *Lesser Deity* * …

  • Chosen

    "Chosen" is the name applied to any individual who has been chosen by a [[Deities | deity]] to influence the mortal world, channel divine power, and carry that [[deities | deity]]'s message to those that will listen. Although the most common Chosen devote …