Titan's Reach

Wealth or Death

Player Opportunity

You’ve seen them before. Fast talking con-men, looking to score quick coin off of someone else’s misery. This guy is no different. “Hey there,” he says, sliding up to you like he grew up with you.

“You look like you’re someone special — going important places, doing important things.” He glances around slyly, then leans in conspiratorially.

“You’re heading inta th’ Reach, aren’t you?” Nodding thoughtfully, he reaches into a pouch upon his belt, drawing forth a roll of parchment. As he holds it out, you can see that the edges are charred and blackened.

“This,” he says in a low whisper as his eyes dart around as if looking for eavesdroppers, “is a map to great treasure.”

He stares intently into your eyes. “I can’t exactly tell how I came by it now, but it ain’t doing me any good. You, though…”

He glances away, towards the foreboding mountains in the distance, then shoves the delicate roll into your hand. “You can have it.”

First person with a ready character (ie, has the achievement “Ready to Rumble”) that claims this story gets the map.

Update: Map claimed by Leo Drakechild



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