Titan's Reach

Theodorus' First Letter to His Troupe

Adventuring, Trip One, At Ghost Village Seeking Treasure and Fame

Dear Troupe:

I can’t believe how long it has taken for my adventuring to begin. It seemed like months since we parted ways. I have made some friends here at North Pass. Some of them our odder than others. You all remember the cleric of some diety and claiming to be noble and his mechanical friend named Build. He has stuck around town as well. I can’t decide if he is trying to convert everyone to his religion, is asking for donations, or is trying to get a church built. There is a delusional halfing all dressed in green, that claims he has a pot of gold or something that we need to help him recover, named Lucius. You remember Leo, that elven ranger that with a name that sounds like he is part dragon, stayed behind as well when you left, he got some map from a whack job and we decided to go check it out. We left and followed the river. I’m not sure how I will survive listening to Lucius talk about his pot of gold or that Nomead about his diety of choice and treasure. I’m not sure which is worse. I should have taken Olga’s wax ear covers so I could tune them out better. You know the ones she secretly uses to avoid her husband Ruben’s snoring. Oh sorry, Olga, but honestly everyone knows and you shouldn’t be ashamed. How is his health by the way? I hope he is still taking the elixer I made him.

Note to self on scratch paper: Work on removing the sour taste in silence potions so they can be mixed in with waterskins or wine in the future.

We came across a flock of wild sheep. That isn’t all that strange in the plain lands around North Pass, but you would never believe me when I tell you what happened next. The delusional halfing decided to sing for them which got their attention and annoyed three rams. Leo, the nature friendly ranger tried to calm them down while I started juggling and trying to distract the group away from interacting with the flock so we could go about our business. That utterly failed, not because my performance was flawed, but because of Build. Build stormed down into the flock scaring them and making the rams all defensive.

Though he is annoying I have to admit the halfing was quick on his feet and decent with magics. He tried to put them all to sleep and almost pulled it off. One remained awake and annoyed. Already close at hand the ranger attack it, but it struck back. I think Leo took more than he gave that time around. The metal and wooden monstrosity that seems to have taken a liking to Nomead the annoying Cleric of Cétharé ran over and literally grabbed the ram by the horns and fought to move it, but it broke the hold, but couldn’t get through the metallic hide. Really how do they make those things? Personally I stood back in complete disbelief that 1) the halfing had tried to perform for sheep, 2) a nature lover like the ranger couldn’t keep them from attacking, 3) that Build could talk. Coming to my senses I made my way forward and seeing that we wouldn’t be leaving the rams alone I smacked it with the long spear you all bought me. Between Nomead, myself, Build, and Leo we scared it pretty good and it ran off. I really hope this isn’t what adventuring is all about. It is my turn for our night watch. I’ll write more later…

So after our adventures with rams and sheep we kept on moving for several hours. Leo and I found a nice place on the edge of a elevated section of forest to camp at. I miss our camp sites something horrible. There was no stories, no music, no bonfires, and no tents. About half way through my watch I saw the sheep flock off in the distance. I’m assuming it was the same one of course. They do all look alike you know unless your their shepherd. All and all it was a pretty quiet night. We moved on the next morning.

Note to self on scratch paper: TO DO: Whip up some perfumes and colognes for future escapades to remove foul odors. Secondary idea: Develop a stink bomb using skunk stench. Potentially good idea, but could be messy and dangerous on a date night

Later in the day we came across the village on the map. It was filled with an eerie silence that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Looking around it was very strange. The buildings are all in pretty bad disrepair. I noticed that the farmers fields looked a little odd and everything around us looked like it hadn’t been used for a long, long time. Not much to write about so far you might be thinking, but that is when everything gets really weird.

The first odd thing was a ghostly halfing girl crying and jumping into a well and vanishing almost by clockwork. The next thing was in a house. The amount of bugs and decay in this home would have had little Sue screaming and walking on air right back out. I mean it looked like the place had been abandoned for a century. Which is weird because it looked like the outside had been repaired and the field had been recently tilled. I know your thinking, there is a ghost girl isn’t that weird enough? The answer is no. It got weirder still. Searching the house and scattering bugs I found the bedroom which had two halfing bodies long dead and all dried and wrinkle. They seemed odd for century old corpses. I mean they should have been dust by now. The cleric concentrated and waved his hands around a bit and touched one of the two bodies. Why on earth would you touch a dead body? He jumped back as if he got shocked and then the freaking eyes opened. I’ll write again soon. This has me way to freaked out to say more now.

Your adventuring juggler,



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