Titan's Reach

Journal of Nomead Reyals

"zomblings" "Glory to Cethare"

As the two halfling Zombies (zomblings™ Theodore) wake, I realize that they are unlike any zombies I have read about. They seem to have a glint of Consciousness in their eyes as if they were normal hafling folk that awoke and saw leo, Theodore, and myself as intruders in their home. Slowly the zomblings rose and slowly scattered out of the home through separate doors all the while letting out a sound that resembled a slow Yawn or more likely slow Screams of horror.

Cetharé be praised as her power has given consciousness back to these zombies and maybe now it will allow me to help them to move on to the afterlife.

Leo chases the male out the front door and I follow Leo as he chases the female out the back door. I call out to her and tell her I can help her free her soul. As we give chase more zomblings exit the dilapidated houses, wielding hoes and shovels. A shovel wielding zombling came up to me and hit me very hard. I did not wish to hurt them so I withdraw and head back towards the front of town. I see Leo being cut down by the zombling’s hoe. I cast light on my long spear and call out to the zomblings trying to draw their attention away from Leo. The two zombies turn towards me and begin shambling to me. I plant my long spear into the ground and Cast Burning Hands at the two to halt their advance and yell out that I wish them no harm, but I will defend myself. I successfully intimidate them and the zomblings withdrawal back into the houses.

Cetharé be Praised, I am able to heal Leo and myself. We find Theo and share the information on The Temple to the Goddess Maren and Leo relates the Symbol of the half burned candle as an old brewery (Half Candle Brewery) from years past which was quite popular. Most of the buildings are too damaged by age, so we decide to check out the inn/temple of Maren. The Temple is in very good shape. I find an empty metal box with the markings of the Goddess Maren with A Symbol of the Dasmet Empire above it. It was not the Holy symbol Symbol of Dasmet that I knew but the differences elude me for now.
There are doorways off the main room mark by letters a,b,c … with the doorway to C being the only one with a door. We find a chest in the room which seems out of place with the rest of the town. It looks as if the dirt has been swept up against the Chest. We dig out part of the dirt and sees that it continues deeper into the ground. Theodore suggests it may be a stairway down to a secret passage. I check to see if the chest is magical and I do not sense anything. Before Theodore attempts to open the chest, Leo and I wait outside the door. I hold my long spear into the room to give him light.
After a few moments Theodore pops the lock and sets off a Bell that rings for 6 seconds. Leo goes to the front door to see if it stirred the zomblings in the town. Theodore opens the Chest setting off the ringing again. It reveals a hole going straight down. We decide to check out the hole.
I notice the chest had very thick walls and hid the magic within that presumably set off the ringing. I cast light on Theodore’s Dagger and we climb down the hole. Theodore cautiously follows the tunnel we come down to and we slowly make our way forward.
We search the cave the passage comes out to, before crossing a pool of flowing water. Leo slips under the current as does Build when it went in to help him. They are able to recover and we move on down some tunnels until we come to a more open area with a severed human head chattering at us. As we approach the skull advances on us and screams. This frightens Theodore and Build. Two Skeletons come running from the other side of the room, but Theodore is able to throw something behind them that takes the skull and one of the skeletons out. Cetharé be Praised, I heroically takes out the other skeleton with a single strike of my Long Spear. We falls back into formation and sees a light source ahead of us to the north. It appears to be another skull in front of a wall of Stone. This skull appears to be a flaming.
Cetharé be praised as her power has brought consciousness to the zomblings of the town above and she will give me the power to save my traveling companions from the dangers of this underground layer.



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