Titan's Reach

Journal of Nomead Reyals

Titan's Reach, mysterious town, Glory to Cethare

I met some companions outside of North Pass. One of them had a map to a town to the north west. I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity spread the word of Cethare. The travel there was pretty uneventful. we had a run in with the some sheep. I’m not sure why but Leo, the one with the map, attacked the innocent creatures, while Little Lucius tried to gain their attention through song, Horrible Song (I must remember to show him some verses from Cethare).
Three of them seemed to be standing between us and the rest of the herd. As Leo advanced, two seemed to doze off, as the third seemed bothered by Leo. Leo stabbed at the sheep and the sheep rammed him with it’s horns. Build ran to his aid and grabbed the sheep and kept it from hurting Leo further. Theodore and I ran to aid Leo as Leo pulled back safely away from the sheep. Theo Struck the animal causing it great pain. I flew in triumphantly with my long spear and slammed it on the ground, scarring the sheep away. Thank Cethare I was able to stop the fighting without further injury to the creature or to Leo. We moved on found a good place to camp. I aided Leo with his injuries and went to rest.

The Next day we set off to the town on Leo’s map. It was a small town, what wonders I could have shown them of with the Words of Cethare. Upon closer inspection it seemed to have been abandoned. we noticed a spirit seemingly trapped in the last moments of it’s life looking over the shoulder down the main road and then jumping into the towns well. Build helped lower Lucius down into the well to get a better look. Unfortunately the day was getting late and not even with Cethare’s Light could help Lucius see anything in the water(I surely believe he is blind as how could Cethare’s Light not help him see in the darkness). We joined Theo and Leo at one of the Houses and found what looked to be a double sized bed for halflings. On it were to somewhat well preserved halfling bodies. We were not able to determine a cause of death as the bodies seemed uninjured. I attempted to cast virtue and see if i could possible put some life into the body of one of them but it as resisted violently. as this happened it opened it’s Eyes. Cethare Save us…



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