Titan's Reach

Undead farmers and...

I suspect our cleric is not on the side of the righteous. When he laid hands on the corpse, it awoke as an undead thing. I thought at first that he conjured it, but after the second ‘awoke’ I rushed out doors to see what might be transpiring. It seems the village is full of the undead. I suddenly suspect that this map I was given is going to be more trouble than an angry ram and a bothersome wanna be leprechaun. I engaged one of the undead to my peril. After being critically injured, I faked death in order to allow me to consume my healing potion; not something I wished to do this soon after leaving the city. A replacement vial is going to be expensive when we get back. Thankfully, these are not very bright undead, stronger than I expected, but not bright. The failure of the cleric to cast turn makes me wonder about this goddess of his and what role she plays in this world.

We regrouped in what I suspect might be a tavern or maybe an inn, albeit halfling sized. It seemed as though it might double as some kind of holy place for the village. Might be why the undead were avoiding it. Looking at the map, we found this was the spot we were looking for. We found a large chest in a side room that turned out to be buried into the floor. When we got it open, it turned out to be a ladder descending into darkness. Heading down into darkness, we found a set of caverns.

After checking out a little ways into the caverns, we found that our path ahead lay across an underground stream. The stream turned out to be more than the trickle I first thought. The middle of the stream turned out to have a strong current and was deep enough that, when I lost my footing, I found myself head under the water. I quickly swam to a position that allowed me to surface and catch my breath. It seemed that Build was headed back for me while my companions made they way to safety, no doubt to secure footing and throw me a rope. I think this turned out better for everyone except that machine man, who ended head under like me. After a few minutes, we all made it to safety. Continuing on, we saw some light ahead. There was some small commotion between the cleric and Theo. When we got closer, they had apparently dispatched some skeletons. Continuing forward, we found a structure of some sort that we plan on investigating tomorrow. I wonder if the little halfling is following us safely. Moreover, I am beginning to suspect all these undead aren’t protecting this place, but serving as a warning to idiots like ourselves to stupid to heed the signs. I suspect the old man who gave me this map to be part of a cult that plans a nefarious end to us. And if that time comes, what side will our cleric friend take in all this…



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