Titan's Reach

Leo's Journal

Getting to know new friends...

Starting off this morning, I left town with the group of friends that I met through Theo. His traveling circus definitely has encountered some strange people. I checked the map one last time before we headed out following the river west toward the village marked on the map given to me by the old man.
After journeying a bit, we came across some wild sheep. The strange little halfling approached them singing, which seemed to startle some, but alerted three rams. The bodyguard machine also started to approach them, which angered them some. After a failed attempt to placate them, the three rams started towards us. The little halfling thankfully put two to sleep, but the third kept coming, so I drew my rapier and nicked the beast. In return, it bruised me good. The machine approached it and grappled it allowing me to pull back and draw my bow. I fired but missed. The rich boy and Theo approached it, the rich boy; still complaining it was only trying to play, batted at it with his spear to no avail. After the machine scuffled a bit more with the ram, it ran off.
We journeyed a bit longer until dusk. We found a small, ideal campsite and made arrangements for the night’s watches. The rich boy was more helpful than I was expecting, as he was able to heal most of my bruises. The night passed uneventfully.
The next morning found us continuing the journey towards the village. As we found it, Theo remarked that he had an unpleasant feeling about the place. As the group entered the town, we saw a strange halfling girl that occupied the groups interest. My interest was the poorly tilled soil and the dilapidated house. Someone has been tilling the soil poorly in an effort to make it look like it is being farmed. Going into the house, Theo and I found it infested with bugs. As he went to check the back room, I went to explore the kitchen. Nothing has lived here, most likely for ages. It sounds as though most of the rest of the group has joined Theo and that there is some commotion…



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