Titan's Reach

Day One

Today we leave town with Prince-Friend. His comrades-at-arms are odd. One plays a strange game of toss with himself — keeping three unexploding grenades aloft simultaneously, and seemingly in a circle with no magic. All seem amused at this. A small green cadet marches with us who causes wool-meat mammals to fall down. One such wool-meat mammal charged Prince-Friend’s comrade so I tried to toss. Animal ran away. Good riddance.

We camp for the night. I stay up as strong war-forged needed no rest after such a short march.

Next day we entered a small fort with satisfactorily-built bunkers. Many small, not-well-lit, same-looking female cadets ran into a well over and over again. Build lowered Small Green Man down to scout well. Build pulled Small Green Man back up. Humans sense “funny feelings.” Build not sure what that means. But nothing to kill, nothing to build. So Build keeps red eyes on Prince-Friend.


Awesome! I was hoping you would write it up like that from a mechanic sense.

Day One

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