Royal Order Of
The Exalted Crown

To Wit,
The regions north of the Shadowfell mountains, so named the Titan’s Reach, have been the bane of our existence for several centuries, having produced every generation a horde of angry and ravenous monsterous invaders. We have defeated these incursions each time, but at great cost of lives and resources. Recent developments may break this cycle of bloodshed and strife, namely the recovered ability to create for ourselves the mechanical warriors of legend, the Warforged. The most august fair King Victor Brightblade of the Shining Ray, fears that our new forces may not be enough. Thus, all able bodied souls seeking adventure and wealth make haste to the town of Northpass and pass into the Titan’s Reach; by Royal Decree, all monies and items found within are yours without taxation or royal claim. Land that can be defended and held shall be granted with title of nobility.

Titan's Reach

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